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Welcome to The Mojo Radio Show podcast! The Mojo Radio Show is a regular podcast designed to help you get your Mojo working... and if you have lost it, get it back. We interview todays leading lights in every area of our lives.... health, fitness, creativity, wellness, strategy, brand, performance, and management. If it’s helping us towards our dreams and a better life... we will cover it for you!

Oct 11, 2015

Dr Adrian Geering is the leader’s leader. Adrian is a world leading coach of CEO’s and future leaders. An author, coach and keynote speaker, Adrian Geering was voted the best CEO coach in the world by leading CEO organisations Vistage and TEC. The highest performing leaders in any field need a mentor or coach and Adrian Geering is at the top of his game. His work has transformed the life, leadership, business, ideation and success of leaders across the world. This show is powerful, so make sure your pen and journal are at the ready, as there is GOLD in them there hills!
Here’s what we cover with Adrian:
  • What are the trends occurring in CEO leadership?
  • Why have a mentor?
  • What makes a great mentor?
  • Leading with strategy, purpose and empathy
  • How leadership is about “sacrificing self interest"
  • The characteristics that separate great leaders from the rest
  • Where are we falling down in our leadership of a business?
  • Accountability in  Life, leadership and business
  • Are we lacking discipline and how design beats discipline?
  • What unessentials has Adrian taken out of his world that have had a profound effect on his life?
  • World class people have one thing is common……. ?
  • Daily rituals for high performance
  • The book by Parker Palmer that led Adrian’s life purpose
  • Your most valuable superannuation - your health!
  • Is there a point to being the richest person in the cemetery? 
  • The final word from Churchill