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Welcome to The Mojo Radio Show podcast! The Mojo Radio Show is a regular podcast designed to help you get your Mojo working... and if you have lost it, get it back. We interview todays leading lights in every area of our lives.... health, fitness, creativity, wellness, strategy, brand, performance, and management. If it’s helping us towards our dreams and a better life... we will cover it for you!

Dec 14, 2014

Learn the secrets from inside BridgeClimb, Sydney. Todd Coates is the CEO of one the world’s greatest tourist attractions, BridgeClimb which equips the general public to climb to the summit of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.  Todd has an amazing background in tourist attractions having worked at Australia's Luna Park, Wonderland, Dreamworld and now BridgeClimb, and knows what it takes to build a team that delivers outstanding customer service. 

In this episode, we cover:

  • The power of the dream
  • Dealing with naysayers
  • Profit arrives from your principals, your mission, vision and values
  • Please complain - being a student and learn from your customers
  • Are we conditioned to think in certain ways
  • Setting goals or ceilings for yourself
  • Customers, may mot be right but they are always first
  • The power of remembering a name
  • Tips for finding and keeping your best people
  • What is celebration hour and why is it so powerful to the culture
  • 3 immediate steps for you to apply to build an outstanding business