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Welcome to The Mojo Radio Show podcast! The Mojo Radio Show is a regular podcast designed to help you get your Mojo working... and if you have lost it, get it back. We interview todays leading lights in every area of our lives.... health, fitness, creativity, wellness, strategy, brand, performance, and management. If it’s helping us towards our dreams and a better life... we will cover it for you!

Nov 5, 2017

Petrea King has an extraordinary life story which she's recounted in her new book, Up Until Now. She's been a guest on our show three times and with good reason - she's simply amazing. Petra has overcome cancer, endless months of hospitalisation for misaligned legs, a divorce, childhood trauma, the suicide of her brother and the challenges that come with building a business, and yet she knows no boundaries and has taken each challenge head-on. After spending time in complete silence in an Italian monastery, Petrea began to find her purpose and calling in life. Motivated by her own experiences, Petrea founded the Quest for Life Foundation and has counselled tens of thousands of people living with illness, grief, loss, trauma and tragedy. Petrea sees the challenges in life as a catalyst for personal growth and understanding, as well as an opportunity for healing and peace. This beautiful and inspiring episode details how she overcame her challenges to dedicate her life to others.