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Apr 28, 2019

Tim Brown is a decorated 20-year veteran of the New York Fire Department and NY Urban Search & Rescue Task Force. He is a survivor of the 9/11 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center. Tim lost 93 friends on Sept 11, including his two best friends and has been a leader in defending the memory of those lost at Ground Zero. Tim served under the leadership of Mayor Giuliani in Emergency Management. This is a profound first-hand account from inside the towers, a story of the heroes who ran towards the horror of 9/11.
September 11, 2001, the morning when the world changed forever. What happened?
In all the chaos, Tim had the presence of mind to go to the Plaza Level to do a size up, what did he see?
The emotional last moments when Tim saw his friend Captain Terry Hatton
How do you train your mind to run towards the fight?
The elevator scene - Mike Lynch "I got it” do those three words still move Tim today?
The collapse of Tower 2. Where were was Tim and how did he survive?
Tim clung to a pillar in the Marriott which saved him from being blown out of the building by the powerful draft 185 miles per hour winds. What was his internal dialogue at that very moment?
How does that moment impact his life today?
Ordinary people, extraordinary hero’s. Is it in all of us? 
What does it take to be an extraordinary hero?
The story of a regular guy - Wells Crouther,104 floors up, equity trader, 24 years old, a hero.
NYFD and 9/11 survivor - that’s the identity we give to Tim. How does Tim define his own identity today?
How does Tim stay the course to honour that moment and his brothers that were lost that day?
Does Tim replay the "what if’s" in his mind?
How did it feel to be in a war situation vs a fire situation?
When news came that the Seals had killed Bin Laden, what was his first thought, how did he feel?
Mayor Giuliani, a great leader, what’s the greatest leadership takeaway from that time?
Tim Brown
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