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Welcome to The Mojo Radio Show podcast! The Mojo Radio Show is a regular podcast designed to help you get your Mojo working... and if you have lost it, get it back. We interview todays leading lights in every area of our lives.... health, fitness, creativity, wellness, strategy, brand, performance, and management. If it’s helping us towards our dreams and a better life... we will cover it for you!

Nov 20, 2016

Are you truly happy with your life? Have you ever thought about designing, creating and living in your perfect world? Amie Tollefsrud is living tiny. Amie and her husband live in a small hut in Maui with just 124 sq ft of living space, an outdoor bathroom, shower, and no kitchen. She recently sold everything she owned to move to Maui where she spends her days surfing, building her online nutrition business, and eating acas bowls. Amie is a digital nomad, a minimalist and lives in a tiny home. It’s a fresh, fun and thought provoking show that highlights the new trend in living small and living minimalist. It's a look into what is happening globally in lifestyle design.

The Mojo Radio Show copyright Gary Bertwistle & Darren Robertson

Products or companies we discuss are not paid endorsements. They are not sponsored by, nor do we have any professional or affiliate relationship of any kind with any of the companies or products highlighted in the show.... sadly! It’s just stuff we like, think is cool and maybe of interest to you our listeners.