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Apr 25, 2015

As Australians pause to recognise the 100th anniversary of the landings at Gallipoli, The Mojo Radio Show remembers those who gave their lives for their country. We talk with (Vietnam Veteran) Colonel Don Tait and Australian entertainment icons John Brewster (The Angels) and Ian Rogerson (Jono & Dano) about mateship, courage and the true meaning of ANZAC Day.


 In this week’s episode, we cover:

  • The true meaning of mateship
  • What it's like to put your life in the hands of another man
  • The special bond that exists between service men and women
  • What lessons can Corporate Australia learn from the bonds forged on the battle field?
  • The legacy left by the 20,000 men who stormed the beaches of ANZAC Cove in 1915.
  • How Woolworths have damaged their brand after making a huge marketing blunder based on the legend of the ANZAC’s