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Welcome to The Mojo Radio Show podcast! The Mojo Radio Show is a regular podcast designed to help you get your Mojo working... and if you have lost it, get it back. We interview todays leading lights in every area of our lives.... health, fitness, creativity, wellness, strategy, brand, performance, and management. If it’s helping us towards our dreams and a better life... we will cover it for you!

Nov 6, 2016

The supplements business globally is massive. But do we really know what’s in the supplements we are taking. Our guest Joe Rakoski has created a new category in performance supplements. Nature's Force is a company that promotes "Performance fuelled by nature”. This show gives you the complete dirt on what companies are getting away with in the health supplements industry, and how two young guys are calling the BS and making a difference with their company. It’s an interview with a young entrepreneur who shares the essential elements of how to create a new category, how to identify and solve a problem for your customer, and find a position in the market to separate you from your competitors.
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Products or companies we discuss are not paid endorsements. They are not sponsored by, nor do we have any professional or affiliate relationship of any kind with any of the companies or products highlighted in the show.... sadly! It’s just stuff we like, think is cool and maybe of interest to you our listeners.